Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate

Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate

Work with OrangeCrate. Application process. Fill in the required fields and send a request. If your application is accepted, the rest of your documents will be Dgiver immediately.

Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate

Fill out and return all documents. Once the documents are ready, you will be asked to enter login information for each application that you need to run, and some more specific Worl information. A local manager will assist you with your delivery bag and OrangeCrate card, which is used to pay for your orders.

Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate

Delivery Basics. Select the shifts you would like to spend every week in the “When I work” application every Thursday. Use the “Register” button in the DeliverLogic app during your shifts to show that you are ready to deliver. You will receive a push wjth when you receive an order in the DeliverLogic app. Mark the confirmed order and go to the restaurant.

If your application is accepted, the rest of your documents will be emailed immediately.

On arrival, mark the order and pay with your OrangeCrate credit Becoms. Put the food in the designated heatwave bag, mark the Enroute order and deliver to the customer with a smile. Mark the delivered order and view your Becomf on the “reports” tab in DeliverLogic.

(All the information necessary to complete the delivery will be displayed in the Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate, if you have any questions, feel free to use the chat function in DeliverLogic to contact our dispatchers.) Payout to driver.

Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate

You get 85% of the shipping cost and 100% tip for each successfully completed order. Delivery cost depends on the distance from landing to landing. $ 2.99 covers the first two miles and each additional mile traveled is 0,5 0.54. Earnings from Monday to Sunday are transferred to your Jobble account (our payroll processing service) every Monday and paid next Wednesday-Friday.

Your first salary will be delayed, and each deposit will be 1 week later.

Application process.

(It’s important to remember that revenue for some orders can be as little as $ 2.99, while for others it can be between $ 25 and $ 35. We estimate that the average order is around $ 10.

Remember that orders Become a Driver - Work with OrangeCrate not guaranteed, some days you can get 4 orders, and Drivfr days you can get 15!) Cities to which we deliver.

OrangeCrate delivers to over 300 US cities. Most of our applicants browse here, but if you are currently living in Tennessee, we have a separate Behind The Crate driver license website. If you want to travel to Murfreesboro, Clarksville or Smyrna, apply here.

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