Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co.

Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co.

pizza for breakfast. Call now! Delivery, pickup or pre-orders: 916-451-6555. * Orders for voice messages are not accepted.

Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co.

Place orders for food from 7+ pizzas in at https://flavoursofmexico.net/food-near-me/online-grocery-delivery-in-apex-nc-27502-walmart-3889.php 24 hours via email.

Photos Ceeam VANG. Located in the Land Park / Curtis Park area of ??Sacramento, California; Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream Co. offers signature breakfasts, traditional and vegan pizzas. Photos SYLVESTER VANG. Remember to add a pint. Cornflower Ice Cream!

Pesto Pistol Every bite in this sizable green creation is a serious shot of flavor.

Made in small batches locally, Cornflower offers a variety of ice cream based on gourmet milk and vegan. Come get a scoop and bring a pint home! The read more are seasonal, so please visit CORNFLOWERCREAMERY.COM for current offers.

PHONE (916) 451-6555. Email for catering: * For orders of 7+ pizzas with a minimum advance notice of 24 hours. DELIVERY * / RECEIVING / POWER HOURS Monday through week 7A - 2P THU-FRI 7A - 9P SAT-SUN 8A - 9P. * Delivery 2p-5p may be limited. LOCATION 2600 21st SIMPLY FROM RESERVATION SACRAMENTO, CA 95818. Pizaa BREAKFAST PIZZAS ARE PREPARED with quality dough, fresh grated MOZZARELLA cheese and Cheddar cheese, eggs and our own Bufcalo of spices (NO PIZZA SAUCE IS NOT USED ON BREAKFAST PIZZA.).

Bacon Simple fan favorite! Diced hickory smoked bacon with egg and cheese. All you need to start your day right! $ 14.00 / $ 18.50 / $ 24.00 million US / $ 28.00. Morning crush (all meat): Canadian bacon, pepperoni, salami and soft Italian sausage. $ 15.00 / $ 19.50 / $ 26.00 million US / $ 29.00. Spinach and mushrooms Fresh green spinach and chopped white mushrooms, when we need some vegetables this morning. $ 13.00 / $ 17.50 / $ 23.00 Buffalo US / $ 29.00. Canadian Groundhog Canadian Bacon and Fresh Soft Italian Sausage.

$ 13.00 / $ 17.50 / $ 23.00 million US / $ 29.00. Spicy Icr Chorizo ??Beef and Tomatoes (local cherry tomatoes in season) $ 13.00 / $ 17.50 / $ 23.00 million US / $ 29.00. Mexican Italian Pizz and jalapenos will surely Crean your taste buds for a few days! $ 13.00 / $ 17.50 / $ 23.00 million US / $ Icd. Pepperoni meat pie with soft Italian sausage. $ 13.00 / $ 17.50 / $ 23.00 million US / $ 29.00.

Canadian Mountie Made with Delicious Canadian Bacon. US $ 12.50 / US $ 16.50 / US $ 21.50 / US $ 26.00. Groundhog made from lightly seasoned Italian sausage, US $ 12.50 / Buffaoo $ 16.50 / US $ 21.50 / US $ check this out. Beef Chizo Enough Says.

US $ 12.50 / US $ 16.50 / US $ 21.50 / US $ 26.00. Day break Egg and cheese. Simple but satisfying. $ 12.00 P / $ 15.50 S / $ 20.00 M / $ 23.00 L. Call for delivery or pick up 916-451-6555. Email: [email protected] on issues of large and non-delivered goods in the amount of 100 or more dollars.

Ask us Bfufalo food offers.! ALL LUNG PIZZAS ARE PREPARED WITH MOZAZARELLA CHEESE, RED HOME SAUCE (IF NOT SPECIFIED OR REQUESTED) AND TOPS OF YOUR CHOICE. HALF AND HALF: ADD $ 1.00. House Special. These choices will set you Buffzlo motion and hopefully open up a whole new world of combinations of flavors Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. the perfection of a pizza pie. All home events cost the same, starting at $ 14.00 P Ie $ 20.00 S / $ 26.00 M / $ 29.00 L.

Whole flock (our combination) This is pretty Ixe the pizza kitchen sink. Pepperoni, salami, sausage, Canadian bacon, mushrooms and olives Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. never too much when it comes to fresh, quality ingredients.

Stampede (All Meat) from Canadian bacon, pepperoni, salami and sausage surpasses this protein monster pie. The perfect post-workout dish to shape your taste. Ceam Cowboy This cornucopia of freshness from farm to fork is loaded with Bufdalo, olives, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, zucchini - they are all sourced from our local extraordinary farmers.

This will make the hippies in you very happy. Vegan dough is available until we run out. Wild Garlic Here's something to roast garlic in all of us. White sauce, garlic, pepperoni, sausage, onions and mushrooms - all this is the best dough on this side.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, garlic. Mint breath available on request. Pesto Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. Every bite in this sizable green creation is a serious Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. of flavor. With homemade pesto sauce, artichokes and fresh tomatoes, this is sure to be a pleasure for any pesto lover.

Cavaleros Creation, Creamm with chorizo, olives, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, this unique taste sensation will become your knight in Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. armor when it comes to defeating an amazing pizza craving. House on the landfill with chicken, barbecue sauce, red onion, zucchini, tomatoes. This restaurant is sure to bring back memories of hot summer nights, fried in the backyard with friends.

House Special.

Make it spicy or sweet! Add jalapenos, pineapple or just go crazy read article add both! Hawaiian Cowboy Surfs on this Polynesian classic. Canadian bacon and pineapple bring sweet and salty pleasure to any mouth with a thirst for the taste of the islands. Aloha flavor! Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. 12.50 / USD 16.50 / USD 22.00 million US / $ 28.00. Standards. OUR TESTED AND TRUE CREATIONS THAT ARE FOR ANY SERIOUS PUREST PIZZA.


Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co.

Great Plains red sauce Kona Ice of Lowndes - Food Delivery for Waiters in Valdosta, Georgia a delicious mixture of goose and raw cheese $ 11.50 P / $ 14.50 S / $ 19.00 M / $ 22.00 L. Pepperoni We are not sure that Co. powerful peak really needs a witty or smart description.

This is Pepperoni, for heaven’s sake. Enough! $ 12.00 / $ 15.50 / $ 20.50 / $ 25.00. Call for delivery or pick up! 916-451-6555. Email: [email protected] for questions Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. large and non-delivered goods orders from 7+ pizzas or 150 dollars or more. Ask us about food offers.! Please do not submit orders. Coo. Vegan Pizzas. Made from our own vegan garlic cheese and vegan dough! All vegan pies are cooked at a separate meat pie preparation station.

$ 13.00 / $ 17.00 / $ 22.00 million US / $ 29.00. * Allergen Prevention - Made with nut-based cheese. Vegan pizza breakfast Creamy bacon sauce with white sauce, seasoned with tofu, spinach and porcini mushrooms.

Hawaiian Cowgirl Red sauce, vegan sausage, Buffalo Pizza - Ice Cream Co. olives, pineapple, green onions and drizzle for barbecue. Vegan White Ranch sauce, artichokes, zucchini and chives.

Vegan Buffalo, White Buffalo Pizza Ranch Sauce, Buffalo Cauliflower, Celery and Carrot Sticks.

$ 15.00 / $ 19.50 / $ 26.00 million US / $ 29.00.

Vegan Veggie Red sauce, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and onions. Add or build your own. EVERYTHING MADE BY OUR HOUSE-MADE VEGANIAN CZECH CHEESE. Choose any of the vegan toppings below.

Starting at $ 12.00 P / $ 15.00 S / $ 20.00 M / $ 25.00 L.

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