25 awesome Asian restaurants

25 awesome Asian restaurants

25 awesome Asian restaurants. There are so many great Asian cuisines in Austin that it's hard to choose our best 25. We did it, true, all of you. These restaurants offer a wide selection of elegant dates and reasonably priced cafes where you can dine. Hack Kirin beer (which goes well with any of the cuisines below, by the way) and just try going through this list without drooling.

- Kelly mccomas - Domo Alley Gato. 1600 E 6th St B. This branch from the local beloved Ramen Tatsu-Ya is worth visiting only for decoration - the bar has a bunch of delightful waving cats maneki-neko. Even if you don’t like cats, 25 awesome Asian restaurants bar is worth a drink, draft beer and other drinks (including a do-it-yourself cocktail menu). And if you're still not sold, get this: there is also a menu of dishes that includes Japanese curry and snacks at the bar. Me Ottawa! You should try: beef curry with spicy onsen egg.

2115 S Lamar Blvd. Loro 25 awesome Asian restaurants a product of the alliance of Austin's two greatest chefs: chef Tyson Cole of Uchi and Aaron Franklin of delivery Brighton mi Food Barbecue. This Asian fusion smokehouse read more a mouth-watering selection of delicious meats combined with fresh flavors such as shishito salsa verde and Thai papaya salad.

You should try: Pork ribs from Duroc smoked back, served with cauliflower pickles. Madame Mom. This unpretentious Thai restaurant has been satisfying the appetites of UT students for many years.

Portions reliably large and satisfying. You must try: Pad See Ew fried noodles and Panang Curry coconut. Be more pacific. 7858 Shoal Creek Blvd.

This traditional restaurant started out like a van serving hot and tasty 25 awesome Asian restaurants food. The Be More Pacific menu offers delicious rice and noodle bowls that pack punch. You should try: spicy coconut lime with bacon and fried rice, or SCCLBFR for short. Elizabeth St Cafe. Elizabeth Street Cafe is one of the most fashionable places in the city to have a drink and eat ban-mi.

Cheating costs a hundred percent, though. Spring rolls in this French-Vietnamese bistro come with three different sauces, you all. Plus fresh macaroons for dessert. You should try: Any of the five different varieties of fresh spring rolls. The sleek kitchen and Sway Bar offer adult Thai specialties. Fresh ingredients and an excellent cocktail menu make this restaurant a great place to meet. You should try: Pad Thai Tung Kung with shrimp and tofu.

2400 S Interstate 35 # 150. Do not let this modest mall location fool you. Miso, a Korean and Japanese restaurant, offers one of the largest and best signature dishes in town. Your lunch order is served with samples of kimchi, pancakes, pickled vegetables, and other homemade dishes. We guarantee that you leave full. You should try: Bibimbab Dolsot, served on hot 25 awesome Asian restaurants tiles. Korean Please click for source. St.

Guadalupe, 3423. This food truck near the UT campus is a favorite among students. Korean Comfort offers a comfortable meal with a spicy peak in rice bowls and Korean snacks. You should try: Bulgogi Spicy Pork Rice Bowl. Kura Revolver 25 awesome Asian restaurants Bar. 6929 Airport Blvd Suite 125.

25 awesome Asian restaurants

Do you like your food to look like it is having a good time before eating it? Go to the only sushi restaurant with conveyor belt in Austin and enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes delivered to you through the belt after ordering in the 25 awesome Asian restaurants menu.

You should try: Honestly, just picking something at random (although the piquant throw is good) is the most interesting thing to watch as it lays this web page the table. Ramen tatsu-i.

This traditional restaurant started out like a van serving hot and tasty Filipino food.

If on a summer day in Austin people will wait for a hot line at a hot soup, then it’s better to argue that this is a damn good soup. At Ramen Tatsu-ya, customizable bowls with delicious noodles are definitely worth the wait. You have to try: add a spicy fragrant bomb to your ramen for an extra blow and one think, Lunch sandwiches Food delivery and catering in Oak Park Il, Jimmy John with consider of Sweet & Sour Yodas - the best name for Brussels sprouts like never before.

888 Pan Asian Cafe. 2400 E Oltorf St # 1A. The worst thing about going hungry at 888 Pan Asian Cafe is deciding what to get. The menu really has it all, offering dozens of Asian dishes from pho to tai thai. The good news is that you are not mistaken. This cafe is open until late, it is 25 awesome Asian restaurants and the portions are huge - a recipe for a great late dinner or fourth dinner.

You should try: General Tso Chicken - American Chinese's favorite done right. Chinatown. This long-standing on-call Austin is 25 awesome Asian restaurants for its quality service, delicious Chinese food and a wide selection of wines. What else is needed for a fabulous dinner? You should try: order a few plates from a basket of dim sum check this out it rolls to your table.

Thai thai. 5501 N Lamar Blvd # C101. Dishes at Titaya's check all boxes for excellent Thai: spicy, fresh and fragrant. We like to go during lunch to a special dish with soup of the day.

You should 25 awesome Asian restaurants Tom-Kha Coconut Soup - served in a pan for added excitement. 801 S Lamar Blvd. No list of Asian dishes in Austin would be complete without a mention of Uchi. This upscale, innovative sushi restaurant offers some of the freshest fish and unique dishes in the city. His sister restaurant Uchiko is damn good too. You have to try: inexpensive, equally amazing deals during the Sake Social Hour.

We love walu-walu, an escolar oak grilled filet served in 25 awesome Asian restaurants citrus broth. Koriente. Coriente is a regular favorite at Do512.

The Pan-Asian Red River Cafe is one of the most accessible and healthy places in the center of Austin where you can eat before heading to the show. You should try: a dish that contains rice medallions (chewy, gnocchi-like ovals from crushed rice).

The unique delights of classic Chinese dishes give the Old Thousand menu an updated feel.

Sip a free miso soup while you wait for food to come out. Bun Belly. Airport Boulevard 5001. The only 25 awesome Asian restaurants prettier than the name of this cozy Vietnamese restaurant is its namesake: chewing sliders on a burger stuffed with delicious spicy meat and vegetables. You should try: belly bun, spirit: bun belly bun. We here love crispy, lightly fried tofu with salt and pepper.

Happy robot. 1303 S Congress Avenue. This vibrant and colorful sushi spot in 25 awesome Asian restaurants Southern Congress offers a friendly atmosphere, several dangerously easy source use sake strokes, and an abundance of fresh sushi rolls and Japanese dishes prepared with Aeian with responsibility.


You should try: a spicy rice bowl for schoolgirls loaded with chicken breast and fresh vegetables. Wu Chow. In 25 awesome Asian restaurants farm-to-table Chinese restaurant, Chow has one of the best dim sum brunch in Austin. The cuisine of this restaurant, influenced by the region, will festaurants your taste the opportunity to experience eight styles of Chinese cuisine. You should try: 25 awesome Asian restaurants awdsome sum brunch - especially Shanghai dumplings.

Fukumoto Sushi and Yakitori Izakaya. Niguri Fukumuto (fresh fish on rice) and yakitori (grilled meat skewers) are expertly presented and appetizingly tender. The elegant interior of the restaurant makes dinner as pleasing to the eye as the taste.

You must try: super 25 awesome Asian restaurants asparagus with bacon in yakitori. Nancy's Sky Garden. 6448 E Hwy 290 A-100.

This spacious, friendly little cafe is one of the best places in the city where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Nancy's salad plates, pan bowls, and rice paper wrappers are a rainbow of pure perfection. Come here to revive yourself and erase Golden China - meeting at High Point guilt 25 awesome Asian restaurants a depraved night of drinking and fried food.

You should try: Signature plate with spicy mango tofu - a huge portion of life-supporting 25 awesome Asian restaurants, filled check this out Asian flavors.

Airport 5301, Boulevard. ZIP Restaurant Delivery Starts in Eight Major Markets, FSR Magazine local favorite for restaurantss, Kome offers many options for those who prefer cooked food, as well as lovers of fresh sashimi.

You should try: Create a sampler for yourself by ordering a little of something from several different sections of the menu: fried, fried, sushi bar, street food and much more. Old thousand. The unique delights of classic Chinese dishes give the Old Thousand menu an updated feel. It’s kind of like hip-hopper P.F.Changa.

At its best. Check out our Do512 Eats experience here. You must try: decadent fried rice brisket. East side king. East Side King offers a food truck that has become Austin's staple food, "Japanese street food with a touch of Austin's soul." Small spicy dishes and many gluten-free dishes make up the menu in trucks and in ordinary places. You should try: Thai chicken kara-age - deep-fried crispy chicken with a sweet and spicy flavor. Maiko Sushi Lounge.

Simple, reliable sushi and many excellent dishes and snacks to choose from. Sometimes that's all you really want from a sushi bar, isn't it? Maiko Sushi Lounge does it right, with decent lounge aesthetics to load. You should try: Come for a happy hour for lower home favorites such as rrestaurants and nigiri salmon. Hi ky. 1931 E Oltorf St. Hai 25 awesome Asian restaurants abounds with East Asian delicacies.

We awesme this place for affordable food, a huge menu and a relaxed atmosphere. You should try: create your own fries by choosing your protein and carbohydrate, starting with Sichuan broccoli or spicy garlic sauce. Still drooling? Try our guides to the best ramen and other hot local noodles in town. If you crave sushi, check out where to buy sushi in Austin, or indulge your dollar in our favorite Happy Hours sushi .

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