Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda, Longmont, CO

Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda, Longmont, CO

Restaurant Chinese Panda. hours. Sorry, we do not have hours for this restaurant yet. We will be updating the hours for this restaurant soon. Monday: add hours Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Additional dining information.

Credit Cards Accepted. Good for CO. Yes. Price $ $ - eats read more (up to $ 10) $$ - moderately ($ 11-25) $$$ expensive ($ 25-50) $$$$ - very expensive (over $ 50) Restaurant Description.

| Tue-Sun 11-930 closed Mon. Restaurant Photos. Write a review for China Panda Restaurant. Best reviews of China Panda CO. 03/17/2020 - User MenuPix. 12/26/2008 - Peter I have been ordering home delivery from China Panda for Longmont years now. Their food has always been excellent and CO deliver so fast. From time to time, when they were closed, I ordered at other Asian restaurants in Longmont, and the food could not match the Chinese panda.

Their Drunk Noodles and Pad Thai are outstanding - and they make my order without broccoli (I hate broccoli). And their egg drop soup and hot and sour soup are excellent. Tell Stephanie that Peter sent you. ;-) 07/27/2008 - User MenuPix I’ve been here for at least 8 years, article source it right after moving to Longmont.

The food is always delicious. This is my favorite Chinese place outside of Denver. 05/23/2017 - Jeff J. Consistently the best Chinese food we found in Pizza Pooler Ga, Your Cake. We have been customers for many years.

07/05/2017 - Peggy The worst Chinese food we have ever eaten. Peas and carrots in egg drop soup. We moved here recently and have not yet found good Click here cuisine.

This is the worst. After that, my Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda and I got sick, and we ate differently! I will never be back! I read more even want to give him one star. The service was terrible, the staff never smiled, and the heat was 83 degrees a day. Longmont - The kit that I loved in this place. They have Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda the cost of the entire menu by at least a dollar, and now provide less food than before.

Nevertheless, I entered, got the fu egg young, and the owner directly told me that this is the only menu item made fresh, the rest sits there all day and is heated. CO, to top it all, the worst food poisoning I've ever experienced happened. This place sucks and they let go of their qualities.

I would not be surprised if they had a health inspector, they would fail terribly. 12/28/2014 - Scott We found this place a couple of years ago on the recommendation of friends. Every time we were CO, the food is great and the staff is very friendly. We live in Broomfield and the Chinese panda in Longmont is the closest good Sino-American food we can find. Totally worth it! 03/10/2014 - Bill Gamble everyone who complains is moving to a boulder or preparing it themselves.

thanks YOYO. 09.24.2014 - Thomas Terrible customer service. Twice now we were promised fried rice and again not fried rice tonight. Longmont white rice. I called them to let them know that we hadn’t received what we ordered twice already.

Price $ $ - eats cheaply (up to $ 10) $$ - moderately ($ 11-25) $$$ - expensive ($ 25-50) $$$$ - very expensive (over $ 50)

The guy who took our elder felt terrible and got a manager, Internef I was Longmont that this was not placed in the order, Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda this web page could not do anything.

Do you have a pic. We will not order from them again. VERY rude, you don’t treat your clients like that, especially since they keep you in business. thd - Patty I have never been denied service before. Paid and responded generously. Always had to go by orders. The lady who always answers the phone is a problem. Never receives the correct order. Completely incompetent!

Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda, Longmont, CO

Very rude! The last time I ordered, she was so excited that she did not ask me for my credit card. When the driver arrived with dinner, I tried to pay, and they said they Longmont not take credit cards. She replied: “She asked if you want to pay in cash or by credit card,” I replied “NO.” I called, gave them my credit card and paid the Longmont plus a tip !! Today I called and said at my own expense, there is no service.

did not pick up the order. Not a way to stay in business! Get rid of this person. 07/12/2014 - Jenn Best in the city. Enough! :) 03/27/2014 - Lizzy They listen to me when I tell them that I like my spicy food, their food is always delicious.

They are fast as features on delivery. Chinese panda forever. 09/02/2014 - Leticia We really like this place, Stephanie, the owner is wonderful, my girls love her so much, good food, good staff and good everything in between. 12/28/2012 - Katie Stanley The Best Chinese in Longmont!

Great quality and value, and customer service is great. I love love love China panda. Everyone must go there. 11/21/2012 - Emily Pritchard This place is amazing! They really have amazing fried rice. I love it and it costs every penny every Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda Amazing food!

11/16/2011 - Dan When CO in a new Chinese restaurant, I always start with chicken, and the first thing I look for is: does the CO look like and does it have the same chicken consistency that I just cut in my kitchen?, Or Is this check this out typical coarse, mucus-coated, chewing Chinese chicken that no one knows how to process it? The Chinese Panda has this disgusting, mucus-coated CO chicken.

Delivery Conyers ha Food same chicken, in which there are Chinese restaurants, which stylized the use of cats and dogs instead of chicken or beef. I took one bite, spat out my food, and then admitted the fact that I just spent $ 6 and threw it right into the trash. the only reason I assigned 1 Online grocery delivery at Burlington, NJ 08016, Walmart 2040 to this place is because I had to fill out this field in order to continue the review Longmont that I could warn you.

Stay Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda if you like real and poultry in your Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda food like me.

07.24.2010 - Susan Great prices and fantastic atmosphere in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Longmont. The staff is the friendliest you can find in the city and the food is awesome! Do not miss this! 09/07/2010 - Irene. Our family has lunch and calls from here as click as I can remember.

The food is always, and I always mean that it is delicious !! The service is wonderful, the staff is pleasant at any time and really makes you feel at home, as if you were at the family Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda table. Thanks China Panda and Staff. Please don't change anything. 03/29/2010 - Ronda, you will not find better food or more caring staff than here. the best.

The staff is the friendliest you can find in the city and the food is awesome!

10/04/2009 - add2700 has returned to business for several months. This Internet menu of the restaurant China Panda very good food and good prices. O is the best Chinese delivery in Longmont. 11/23/2008 - MenuPix CO So glad to hear that the doors open again Jan 2009. 07/11/2008 - User MenuPix Best Chinese in Longmont. 10/10/2008 - The Best Chinese Food! Although the restaurant itself is outdated. The food is amazing.

Some of the best Chinese dishes I've ever eaten. The service is fantastic and the food is fresh, hot and great value. 06/01/2008 - HeatherLyn Stephanie (Owner) click here the dining experience the same as dining with family! The value is amazing, and the freshness of the food, in my opinion, resyaurant be matched in Longmont.

CO - MenuPix user The best damn food I have ever eaten. It caused a tear in my eyes when they brought it to me and put this beautiful plate of food in front of me. The overall CChina of the food was fantastic and the atmosphere made me feel like in China.

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