Chiness Food - Reviews, Photos - United Chinese Restaurant

Chiness Food - Reviews, Photos - United Chinese Restaurant

Chiness Food - Joint Chinese Restaurant. Very good Chinese, Sushi is very good.

Chiness Food - Reviews, Photos - United Chinese Restaurant

Eat once to try what is available, may just become Photos - United Chinese Restaurant place. Now we feel comfortable to order takeaway, since they have delivery at this moment, let the Chinese have dinner. Great lunch, plenty of food for a fee.

Chiness Food - Reviews, Photos - United Chinese Restaurant

Delicious; Friendly and helpful staff. I recommend to friends and plan to return in the future. Went to Christmas.

Great lunch, plenty of food for a fee.

Service was a bit slow. It was 5 or 6 times when my wife and I ate here. This is by far the lowest rating they have received or deserve so far.

The sushi we ordered as a snack at room temperature (not a good sign). I had Thai curry like beef.

Our vegetables are really cold, the beef was a little warm. I think they forgot Delivery, Bethesda Store Europe. My wife had garlic beef, which was hot, but the article source were barely there.

Pretty disappointed. There cannot be a gong back after this experience. Chiness Food - Reviews is roughly what you would expect from a typical Chinese strip center suburban restaurant.

Some nice little things include the decor, which is comfortable, the restaurant is really clean and well maintained. The food was Photos - United Chinese Restaurant, did not knock out delicious, the service was about more info same.

Another very pleasant touch was homemade hot tea - jasmine tea, much more aromatic and delicious. If I've ever craved this type of food, this is definitely a good choice right in my area.

Went to Christmas.

Since this was the only Chinese restaurant that was delivered to our house, we gave them several chances to deliver something that we would find “tasty,” but this descriptor did not match anything, at least Photos - United Chinese Restaurant that they delivered an hour before Reviewz.

Apparently, they stop cooking anything fresh after - they are open until 9, but by 8 everything we ordered was Cginess, Photos - United Chinese Restaurant and / or porridge.

The food can be great during the day and after dinner, but this family story, say, burns me 10 times, and we get to a decent restaurant that continues to offer fresh meals visit web page closing.

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