ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual

ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual

Anarchy online doctor guide. Doctors are the main healer in the AO. They will remain the main healer in the AO for the foreseeable future, and as such, great responsibility rests with doctors. This guide will provide insights into some aspects of the medical game that go far beyond the bread and butter aspects critical to the medical game — in fact, this guide will allow the reader to explore various options to provide Doctord more support for the team than the standard answer to "heal me please!" Chapter 1: Getting Started.

At the beginning of the game, doctors launch a set of weapons - pistols. ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual are a smart choice for weapons, but really become a "good" choice after level 150. In a VERY early game, any weapon you choose will be fine, if you can select a target and press q, it will die. Nothing more to say. Therefore I will not go into iVew. At level 20, it's time to start specializing in weapons and start building a plan for the next hundreds or so levels.

There is only one great choice for doctors: Neleb Nightmare Battlerod. Neleb Battlerod Procs 60 nano heals Mqnual EVERY blow. This process makes this weapon very valuable at the beginning of the game, when replenishing the nano pool PALAIDNS be a tedious task.

Other weapons may be useful for killing mobs, but no other weapons are as effective for continuous play at as many ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual as the PAALDINS of Neleb’s nightmares. Neleb's battle rod is effective (very effective) at low levels to accelerate killing, even if it is 50% OE at level 20, up to 150, and at this point it will be obvious that you really need an update. For more active players or those who want to quickly move to a higher level of competitiveness, the first level at which it makes sense to make a big update is level 110, when Genius opens.

I will discuss this in more detail later. From level 20 to level 50 or PALADNS, the doctor really does not need to do more than heal from time to time, and continue to kill things. The difference between a good doctor at a level of 20-50 and a bad doctor is almost topix.

A good doctor could do more damage and give more healings, and also heal the team through a difficult battle, but in fact, there are no difficult meetings at ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual level, and most people just go Manuap it anyway. The “good” doctor PALAINS have updated the healings and possibly FORMUS maximum HP buff - but with equal probability half your team may not have the NCU to take your buffs, so this is a little wasted effort to be “really good” in this level.

However, if you intend to create Toon / Twink for TOTW or for another purpose, the doctor can provide significant support to the team, as other PAALADINS are also likely to be somewhat tuned, which means that you can begin to study your toolkit. Chapter 2: Toolbox. The early set of tools for doctors is basically the same as the set of tools for the endgame, with a few minor additions that appear at the end of the game.

The difference, of course, lies in the topc of nano-attacks and healings, as well as in the speed with which the treatment takes place.

Click at this page, a huge mistake is the assumption that the only role of the doctor is healing.

So, let's clarify the situation, provided that the other members of the group work quite Manua an ineffective doctor cannot heal his team * a bad doctor can barely support his team alive * a good doctor can reduce damage and support his team * a good doctor can do damage, reduce damage and support his team * great ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual can do a lot of damage, reduce damage and keep his team prepared for damage.

Here you can see that most doctors work Doctods between good and good. Most doctors will have a good PALAINS, and UBT mobs will slow down their damage, but most doctors will not do good damage, and, in addition, the confidence that his team is prepared to take damage means that the dock is not only Proactive in healing, but it means that he buys Viww - in fact, he buys insurance, so when the shit hits the fan (if it hits the fan), the dock is not struggling to support his team.

Simple: OK can support your team. A good doctor ensures that his team never gets to the point where “keeping people alive” is the goal. So let's take a look click the following article what we need to work with. The nano doctor tool kit is one of the most powerful nano tool kits in the game. ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual doctor’s nano-toolset can be divided into six fields: 1.

Damage reduction with initiation debuffs (offensive, debuffs). 2. Long-term and short-term buffs of maximum health (friendly, great use of NCU). 3. Short Docttors over time (HOTS) (friendly, small use of NCU).

4. Doctoes delta buffs (friendly, more info use of the NCU, used only at higher levels) 5.

targeted and team healing (friendly, does not require NCU) 6. dealt damage by topc (DOTS) and small nuclear bombs (attack, application damage) These six fields are all important, and I listed them in order importance (I delivery Lawrenceville ha food explain).

I will talk about two different scenarios to Manial the importance of a set of documents; Please note that there are other factors, but this is just a generalization to emphasize a couple of key points.

Scenario 1: Chaos. A guy from a tank runs up to the mafia and begins to beat him, half of the team is 20 meters behind him, one guy is still polishing, the doctor did not know that the tank is running, and by the time he looks out of the team’s window, the tank is half and half.

dead, and the other part of the group pulled out a second crowd because they did not know where the tank went, and the other crowd was closer.

Chapter 3: Preparing Your Team.

The doctor is torn between treating the tank with one treatment and initiating the debuff of the just pulled mob. The doctor prefers to treat the tank alone, but the second group does not have a tank class, and they are all soft. One teammate was lost in two hits because he chose an irrelevant debuff that mocked the crowd, and now the three remaining members in the group are scrambling, the dock is in nano-reload, the tank is happy, but the other group does not notice problems, and the other group will lose more members if the dock or tank does not take any action to mitigate the storm of damage that was PALADNS to happen on the next squelching in the group of the offender.

By the time the nano-reload starts, the tank has received even more damage, and other members of the group also begin to take more damage, and it looks like it could be a group cleanup if someone does not do something quickly.

During 15 battles, the doctor experiences stress, cannot perform all the functions that he needs, and it is difficult for him to determine the biggest threat. Vifw this battle, the tank toic more than 1,500 damage, the supporting party ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual 3,400 damage and died, and 1,000 tanks were provided to the tank. The outcome of the battle is unknown. Scenario 2: Organized Destruction.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT: the doctor communicates with the tank to evaluate the NCU, it turns out that the tank can save only 30 NCU after maintaining the sorbent and mongo shields, the doctor chooses a short hot rather than maximum HP buff, since maximum HP buffs use a lot of NCU for a relatively small gain in performance Doctofs plus, knowing what the tank uses is absorbing means that the document should do less targeted healing and can focus on other aspects of the game - such as softening and DPSing.

The dock requires the tank leadership and DPS FORUMMS support to stay close to the tank. Preliminary tank buffs consume shields and mongoes. Doc, knowing that if the tank does not have an additional NCU, the ninja does not give him a positive effect to make sure that the tank has all its agro / mitigation tools.

On the first mob, the tank uses the puller and receives several good hits before it ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual the team’s area, click the following article dock throws “tired limbs” on the way, and by the time it falls into the tank’s range, it drops to 75%.

health. The tank takes 500 damage on the first hit and 400 on the second. The HP of the tank is reduced to 80%, but a short fever begins, as well as the treatment of mongo, the mob deals another blow to the tank at 25% health, and then dies. The tank took a total ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual 1,200 damage, 600 of which were cured in battle by monsters and mongoes, not a single member of the team was killed, and 4,000 damage were mitigated by absorbing shields (1,200) and initiation debuffs (2x1400 hits).

In this scenario, the doctor played a holistic throw by communicating with the tank rather than dragging and helping to reduce damage and heal in the most effective way. Generally speaking, the doctor’s main throw in the most ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual team situation, such as this one, is NOT healing. These are active damage reduction and passive healing and DPSing if you have time.

In order of priority and success, the doctor will do the following to assess the situation before the meeting: 1. a wide assessment of the possibilities (due to the fact that the tank’s equipment makes it look like a complete beginner, or it seems like he understands the basics), note that instant sale is Manuak absence of a virus compiler on the coercive device.

does not use nano-absorbers and can be classified as “uneducated” / “cannot play properly”) 2. What passive mitigation is available? what do other teammates do? (i.e. does the engineer use DVP and reflect or is it outdated? reflects, does he ask for the wolf’s security officer (which means that he wants to use big HP and can deftly take advantage of 100 evasions), does the box perform crit aura PALADNS AAD aura?

3. Does the tank have NCU space for: Omni-honey, life channel, best hot, Continuous reconstruction? 4. Read article type of tank is it?

HP-tank (inspector), reflecting tank (soldier), evasion tank (MA / Fixer / adv), mixed mitigation tank (keeper) ? Obtaining answers to these four questions will allow the doctor to increase the chances of success not only for the team, but also to minimize the burden on the doctor. Chapter 3: Midgame (TL3-6) The history of the doctor in AO is interesting.

If you look at what nano is available for doctors, you delivery pickup, Local takeaway, that services restaurants continue very clearly see that the life-giving elixir is by far the most commonly used nano in the tool kit for doctors. From a young age, even in TL3, a well-tuned doctor can play the best healing elixir of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the life-giving elixir (LGE) in battle without any problems.

This nano will be the basis for self-healing / targeted healing for the next 100 levels, which is similar to UBT, which is ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual PALADNIS in the endgame.

What is interesting is that tolic nano-treatment (LGE) does not get stronger at 100 levels, but mobs and collisions become more complex, so we must understand that treating one goal is NOT the basis of the doc toolkit.

PALADINSS is not true. To;ic many play this way, this does not mean that it is the most effective. Healing one goal gives some healing, but they are not paramount for all doctors.

Consider some other healing classes. Assuming that nano is played out instantly: DOC - LGE - 216.67 HP / s. TRAD - PHH - 234.86 HP / s. ADV - Moonbeam - 192.09HP / s. MA - Enlightened Aura of Healing - 96.02HP / s. Obviously, there are many more targeted healings available, ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual the bottom line is that this is not nano, defining prof.

In addition, this is not even the fastest treatment for one goal. Although LGE plays a vital role throughout most of the physician’s evolving life, it’s not the defining nano. So what is the defining nano?

ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual

Uncontrolled Body Shocks (UBT) UBT is simply in the upper echelon of "most in-game items in the game." Starting from level 100 to ending with the endgame, UBT can be used to reduce damage loads, from Ely tiigs to Ely heck, Ado heck, TNH and Pandemonium Subjugator (The beast is difficult for UBT due to its very high NR). At medium levels, there is no better way to reduce the damage received (by yourself, the tank, or simply the aggressive mob choice) than to slow down the speed at which potential hits are reached.

UBT (and malaise + red ribbons) paired with a keeper to block a random attack, or a security officer to redistribute absorbing shields between each hit, is at the forefront of the most effective more info strategies in the game.

The only nano in the game, which is even close to as powerful as UBT, is accessible through the DB quest for crates, and is only 71% more efficient than UBT. (1452 init debuff versus 1034) It is noteworthy that Doctor’s UBT Dcotors available at about 100, while dissatisfaction with zeal is clearly a nano endgame (215+). With careful preliminary buffering of probable selection goals and liberal application of UBT, midgame meetings will range from: * easy - tank is able to apply mitigation strategies in tandem with primary mitigation (UBT), which does not lead to targeted healing during the battle.

[0 LGE throws per battle - the document focuses on DoT application] * moderate - the tank is somewhat able to mitigate in tandem with primary mitigation [1-2 LGE throws per battle - the document focuses on maintaining the HP of the tank and may possibly draw a point between heals] * it’s difficult - the tank is visit web page able to mitigate any damage in the traditional ways (it does not evade, cannot absorb effectively, does not have enough AC) [LGE spam, 3+ distributions per battle, LGE is constantly recharged] topkc it’s really Manial retarded - the tank ( haha, right asshole) unable to understand basic concepts agro control, lacks damage, aggressive tools, HP, dodges, AC and absorbs or reflects; can't even deliver 2-3 hits, despite the fact that he needs CH, Doc presses hard to intercept the damage done by LGE and HOTS, CH becomes the only option, and the dock becomes the default tank, doc HP bounces strongly for lack of proper tanking tools and doc / tank / team wipes common] Note: from the above Manuql, how incredibly important is the mitigation of the impact on the agro-target.

If an aggressive target is unable to cope with damage through mitigation or self-healing, the document invariably ends the tanking due to the mechanics of the CH (in SL). Note: so far I have not mentioned CH. The reason is simple. CH is largely NOT NEEDED IN FIGHT for general leveling and general game play.

It can be used in some scenarios, but I highly recommend using damage reduction and pre-polishing for passive treatment, combined with a strong secondary / tank level reduction, to save HP, rather than trying to recover lost HP. Any doctor who thinks he can use CH as a “healing” healing to pump levels of ely, ado or inferno is very, very wrong.

Some documents are very effective, using PPALADINS at the end of the battle, when the tank is well formed aggro, but this is even risky, even because the DPS ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual decreases in late Viw due to exhaustion of perks (i.e. DPS often slows down late in battles, since special / perks are used at the beginning) in combination with nano-recharge for 8 seconds can easily lead to erasing of a document.

This situation is only getting worse, the WAY is worse if the tank has an aggro of two mobs. At level 110, when a genius perk becomes available, this is the ideal time to assess whether your weapon is holding (the battle rod of the Neleb nightmare). He still gives nano, but now at 110 you have an affordable nano-treatment of 1000 points, and in combination with a first-aid skill that exceeds the average level, the doctor can actually make a fairly reasonable nano-treatment.

In addition, with tppic higher NCU and a large number of classes taking over with respect to mid-level nano-games, more nanocost ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual and nano-recovery enthusiasts ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual available.

This means that now is the time to assess whether you want to be closer to the mobs. This is good for some, while others do not like it. Doctors' best support: Pistol (best) MA (so-so) Ranged energy (so-so) Heavy PALDAINS (so-so) At 110 years old, there really is not a lot of natural choice for doctors: MA is easy, easy to implant, but a little slow and does not cause much damage.

The gun is fast, can work in two directions, and if you choose the guns with only one shot, you get one special and not too heavy IP. The ranged energy is fine, but due to the lack of RE in the brain symbols (brilliant), it is a little weak. and can lead to a lot of missed hits. Heavy weapons are in order of 150 and above, but there are not many good options. One weapon that is not well supported, but which can be played with, is an assault rifle.

Using JAME since 175 min. Dmg "feels worthy" and not too intense for IP with fling / burst / AR. I used JAME at the doctor many levels. An alternative choice would be a nanoscill (or the basic skill of adding weapons), the same as a soft pepper pistol, or even a couple of 100 pieces of OET Jess ( ) Armor is not really that important, but the best armor is AC, nanocost, nano init, first aid, HP, nanopool, nanoskills, treatment effectiveness, or some combination of these.

Some simple cheap pumping options TL3 - TL5: Head: a cure for baldness Chest: elysian cuirass / Nano-pants Miya: nano-pants Miya Hands: OFAB sleeves / nano-sleeves May Hands: nano-gloves boots Miya: OFAB boots / nano-boots Miya. At level 150, a set of reactive armor will significantly improve AC and HP and slightly Docors your basic characteristics, which can be convenient.

The wrists can be either nanopool PALDAINS HP, or add dmg arul saba's. It’s useful for a doctor more info have a good big nanopool, and a board with a lot of tokens will significantly improve the work with a huge increase in HP and nano (not to mention the AAO, which really helps doctors do a little more DD because it is impossible to land many benefits very easily).

As for the TL4, don't worry too much about powerful weapons - there are simply not many options - instead focus on getting UBT, LGE, CH (for emergencies), Life channeler, Omni-med improvement, an immortal blessing and a FOURMS hamburger nano team quest health plan. The ability to play these nano without an MP / trader is key. Enhancing your nano-skill at an early stage, combined with enough nanopools to deliver highly professional (UBT + ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual deposits in battle, without feeling like a pinch is the key.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man. I have to get to know him better. ” -Abraham Lincoln. Last edited by noobas (Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:25 AM), Viiew 2 times in total. upper.

Re: Doctor Noobas Guide. Leetissimo! Posts: 4965 Join Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 9:41 AM Location: Brisbane, Quind, Australia. Chapter 3: Preparing Your Team. There are many quotes about preparation and how it affects your ability to use opportunities, and to a large extent this is true here.

There is little difference in preparing a team for a difficult battle, and knowing that this preparation can bring you one random blow to the boss, one second of crazy aggro, one nuclear bomb that you did not expect. and the team wipes or the team does it through. The endgame difference of 920 HP might not be that big, but that might be enough.

And this is the bottom line. We are doing our best to prepare for the worst - and if the worst comes, we know that we did what we could. The last thing you want is to sit and think after wiping the team: well, well, probably, I should have given the ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual a command.

For the doctor, however, this is not just peace of mind that proper preparation brings, it is insurance. When the tank is completely full, with games running, and you are in a game with debuff mobs, the probability of success, and not only success, but SIMPLICITY of ACHIEVEMENT of success, is so great that the doctor can really start to do something else: collect lumps, collect prey, keep others on their feet, set points.

Virw. How we prepare our team? First of all, as discussed above, a good doctor should evaluate what the capabilities of the reservoir are. 50% of being a good doctor, well understand the capabilities of the tank. If the tank sucks, you will need most of your efforts to support it. But, if your tank is good, it will make your life a lot easier. There ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual APLADINS many meetings in the game, so it’s impossible to list them all, but let's just say that the more you play with someone, the better you will know him, and the better you know him, the more understanding you will have of their abilities.

Nevertheless, some meetings Vieq the endgame do not depend on ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual skill of the tank - this is far from the case. PLADINS fact, the most difficult encounters in the game are simply selected against all other tanks, because they simply do not have the HP necessary to survive in two consecutive hits.

In 12man, for example, it is rarely possible to see a group that completed this instance without a power tank - it just Doctosr not happen. Since the Xan deals 10-12 KB per strike, there are simply no other suitable tanks for a long battle. The main things that you need to pay attention to when evaluating the capabilities of the tank for the application you are facing, and how you can prepare it: 1.

What is the main mitigation method (evades, reflects, absorbs, blocks + initializes debuffs, AC) 2. Will the hothas matter? 3. Will the maximum HP matter? 4. Will HD buffs matter? 5. Does the mob you fight have inherent resistance to the debuff??

Mitigation techniques are one of the most important aspects of the gameplay for all professionals, and each professional is slightly different. Tanks in the early game rely almost exclusively on AC and absorb, and to a much lesser extent, reflection.

Tanks in midgame can rely on reflection, ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual, evasion, but AC often recede into the background to mitigate, accessible through sediment, which dominate the TL4-5 range. In the middle and the end of the game, evasions become much more noticeable, and specific tank throws begin to appear, which are based on certain classes that become more or less suitable for specific cases or clashes.

In the endgame there are many "light" tanks and security forces that can tank anything, while "light" tanks are capable of only a small subset of circumstances. In general, team preparation for a tank is pretty straightforward: they almost always give maximum HP buffs, give short maximum HP buffs if the tank has an NCU (and especially if it's an evasion tank), provide short hits to the tank if it is actively tanking and has more high health (i.e.

uses absorbs Mznual reflects, enhances / soldier / keeper), but usually does not shy away from tanks, gives HD buffs only if the tank is atroxed to about 200, after which all breeds are able to get a fairly short tick, ATHENN HD will matter. These general rules will help your team and tank prepare for the scenario without overloading them with buffs that are unlikely to be useful: for example, hot effects are less useful on an evasion tank, since most of the damage Dkctors will occur during the duration of its evasion perks.

which means that he quickly receives a lot of damage: in this case, it is better to use the NCU for buffs with maximum HP, in order to buy you precious 1-2 seconds in the meantime, when he has little HP, and he restores where you can get a single. healing / perk healing purpose to support it.

For example, it is much more useful for the siloviks who absorb tanking and for soldiers to prepare them with hot shots, as NCU hunters are lower than buffs with maximum HP, and in both cases it is unlikely that when the defense mechanisms are active, the mob can do enough damage to make maximum HP useful (i.e. lower their self-defense to 0). In these cases, it is much better to work on maintaining HP UP rather than providing more HP and using the vital NCU resource - this cannot be emphasized Docctors at the beginning of the game with the soldiers.

If a soldier goes to TMS as his primary defense and his NCU is full of ninja buffs, his rage will be loud and long.

In the early game, meta healing is significantly limited by the NCU, and healing one goal / team is all that is expected - if at all. At the end of the game, the NCU becomes a much less serious problem, and the Doctorz who assigns the tank almost rigorously takes any available buff to turn on the tank. Training non-tank teammates. This is mainly achieved through team buffs. Improving Omni-med (and lower options) is the single most obvious tool for this, but in TL5 it was developed with the reinforcement of the immortal blessing of the team (

269456) which can be found in the penumbra quest. If the tank does not have ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual equipment, there is not enough aggro generation, or the team has a “wildcard” that can cause opinion How to deliver food safely and cheaply during a coronavirus crisis - Orange County Register final damage, you may find that you are doing less tanking and more targeted healing, this can be dangerous for the wildcard.

Often causing significant damage, in many cases there is an inverse relationship between the flickering ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual a weapon / damage / attack and the FROUMS of ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual FROUMS / defense / armor. As a result, you can try your best to heal a peppy agro.

The only effective way to deal with this type of scenario is by appropriately buffering the maximum HP and hot buffing the main tank, applying initiation debuffs to the mobs to limit the damage done to soft group characters, and then not do any casting in anticipation of what you're in that moment of struggle it will be necessary to use target treatment on a wildcard. To track where aggro is going, it’s very useful to use -- script / macro assist / assist.

"Assist" looks at the combat target of the selected target. Suppose you are fighting Huckler. Punch the assistant, and you will aim at the tank with which the heckler is fighting. You press the help button again, and it switches back to the heckler. A moment later, you press it again, and this time you see that the heckler swapped the agro in a soft looking shade that just got hit in the back of 6000 points.

You hold the shadow for a while to see if it takes damage. you press ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual again, and the heckler becomes the target. A second later, the tank restored the aggression that you see by pressing the help button again.

This is the purpose of use / assistance, and it is very helpful to assess who has. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man. I have to get to know him better. ” -Abraham Lincoln. Last edited by noobas (Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:39 a.m.), edited 2 times in total. upper. Re: Doctor Noobas Guide. Leetissimo! Posts: 4965 Join Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 9:41 AM Location: Brisbane, Quind, Australia.

Chapter 4: Mitigating Damage. Damage reduction if we have not yet learned ATTHEN AO is about. AO is not about treating huge black empty spaces that used to be red. it's about stopping huge chunks of red from disappearing into the abyss, to start with.

Damage reduction is one of four aspects of the gameplay that are the foundation of all success. The other three aspects are damage, healing, and CC. The key to successful meeting in a timely manner is the balance between PAADINS four key areas.

healing damage mitigating damage dealing CC. With exceptional damage reduction, CC and DD, you may not even need treatment.

Let's take a look at the 12 months that I was a few months ago. I have been registered OFRUMS times with Jetson (English), Poli (Crat) and Grind (keeper). We had a doctor and a solid group with a very pumped DPS. In Doctots case, I quickly bared my left hand with malaise, 3 tapes and DVP, and the corresponding nano-absorbers, a clock chamber and IHM were used in the aquarium. With reduced AR through DVP (-AAO debuffs), the tank was evaded from tanks for most of the battle, paired with WW and initiation debuffs, not a single hit.

The right hand was LMN'd, and Xan was furious on the outskirts near the stage and not aggro until RH fell. On Ksan, truckers had special offers for green and blue towers, and the tank flashed easily, using similar measures. Doc Gulf Shores Food Delivery Service, Meyer Vacation Rentals both Astringent and Anatomic blight to slow down xan sometimes even more than debuffs.

The tank continued to aggrate the entire battle, without the NCU destroying the melee / pets, and the box simply continued to knock on it, and the doctor was not supposed to put 1 point for the Delivery, Park, Texas Wings - Pizza Cedar Carryout, Hut in Pizza battle.

Other overloads of this quadrant also work: if you have exceptional DD / healing / DMG mitigation, topkc won't need CC. (in fact, often you don’t even need healing, in many cases DD / mitigation is enough). Similarly, with excellent damage mitigation, healing and SS, you can simply survive / survive indefinitely.

Also, if the battles are chosen perfectly, with exceptional damage reduction and excellent DD, you may never need a cure (as discussed in the scenario above). Doctors, although some of the strongest measures to reduce damage in the game were available in the early stages of the game Doctorss UBT, cannot use this nano for free in the late ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual of the game.

Most bosses in the endgame have very high UBT resistance, maybe not 100%, but high enough, so if you play Dovtors 10 times in a row, you are unlikely to land it. So that’s when we should start exploring other mitigation techniques, and that’s when the doctor’s landscape begins to change a little. Until 220, it was beneficial to have high nano-skills to land the UBT and play all the endogenous nano. But now it’s clear that you have the skills to play Team Life Channeler and BI, but UBT does not land regardless of your nano-skill.

So how do we fix this problem?? Well, doctors have some very reliable procs. But in order for these initialization processes to be applied, we need to deal a lot of blows in order to have a good chance to agree, Pizza Hut 1860 S Milton Rd Carryout, Delivery, Pizza - Wings in Flagstaff, Arizona consider them.

With a 5% chance of being hit with a successful hit and lasting 1 minute, we can quickly find out that we need to get at least 40 shots per minute to get a 50% chance of re-firing ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual 30 seconds. before the expiration of the Viiew process. Fortunately, the proks shoot with a ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual shot and a quick attack, so we get a little freedom here, but basically it comes down to the fact that you want to use a weapon with double weapons, fast and with a well-aimed shot or quick attack (at least).

With a 6-second throw roll for weapons with 1/1 at / speech, you will have a good chance of keeping procs on mobs with persistent attack / special spam. The 1he / 1hb weapon is also good, and the tonfa's / 1 tonfa + 1shen triple double-stick weapon is also effective. To go to throwing a shot in 6 seconds, you need the skill of throwing a shot of 1000 units topci a 1/1 pistol, and it increases by 100 points for every 0.1 second of attack time.

So, don’t stand there looking beautiful, launch these procs and fire up spam from a bullet! _ _ _ _ ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man. I have to get to know him better. ” -Abraham Lincoln. Last edited by noobas, Tuesday September 30, 2014 3:12, edited 3 times.

upper. Re: Doctor Noobas Guide. Leetissimo! Posts: 4965 Join Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 9:41 AM Location: Brisbane, Quind, PALADINNS. Chapter 5: healing without healing. Healing without healing. Docctors, if UBT is the profession that defines nano, healing without healing is beauty for the UBT beast. The only professional in the game who has the best set of tools for healing without healing is a fixative.

Fixers have 5 monsters available in Manolas Thai Cuisine, 652 E endgame, and in terms of normal gameplay, usually 3 continuous ticks, which can give a lot of healing in a short amount of time.

Well, doctors aren’t doing so well, but what the doctor at HoT lacks is covered by the doctor with insurance. What kind of insurance do I keep talking about? Glad you asked.

ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual

Insurance is the extra time a doctor takes to accumulate a tank with maximum HP buffs, as well as HoT and increase HD to compensate for the level of damage received. Let's do another discussion script: In-depth mitigation techniques to assess whether “healing without healing” is enough to sustain life. 80k HP silovik is fighting a beast. he has a natural healing delta of 200heal / 2s * The real damage of the beast is 8000dmg / 1.5 seconds.

* Topiv 0 mitigations are available and in the absence of healings, the 80k HP silovik PALDINS die in: 80000/8000 / 1.5s = 15 s (HD to;ic 15 s heals only 1500 HP, so it does not support Food Delivery longer than its HP runs out usually) * Let's add PNH for 28% reflections, plus Dodtors performer has a biococcon 10, stuffed for 3%, reflects 80,000 / (8000 * (1-0,31)) / 1,5 s = 22 s (currently the guard lives 22 s) * Now let's add the malaise and 3 red ribbons.

Suppose this slows down the speed of the beast from 1.5 s to 4.5 s. 80000 / (8000 * (1-0.31)) / 4.5 s = survival time 66 s. * Next we FORUUMS add to the doctor. This will further slow the hit rate. Suppose that they are both equally effective, and one is applied continuously throughout the battle, and this reduces the hit rate for a full 2 ??seconds by an average of 80,000 / (8000 * (1-0.31)) / 6.5 s = 94 s per life .* Now let's add misses. The team has an engineer who supports DVP on the beast, as well as if the box works with IHM.

The beast still has pretty good AR, but it actually misses 12% of its Doctros. 80000 / (8000 * (1-0.31) * (1-0.12)) / 6.5 s = 107 s to live * Next we will add to the watch. Now it’s a little harder to calculate, because it is iterative with the duration of the battle, but we can assume that, since the refresh rate is 2 blockers / 30 s, we can simply reduce the number of hits for every here s per hit share blocked for 6.

5 s, so 2/30 ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual 6.5 = 0.43 hit / 6.5 s. this is where things FROUMS to get interesting. If you thought the reflections were a “good” softener, look at the effect from the clock: 80,000 / (8000 * (1-0.31) * (1-0.12) * (1-0.41)) / 65 s = 181 s (mostly forced use) will last 3 minutes with all these mitigation measures, and they are only from teammates.

we have not yet considered the actual mitigation of active measures or ANY healing). Let's continue. Now let's add active mitigation through the absorption of spells. They are significantly less effective compared to large damage than against many small ones, but they still matter. If the silovik can impose a new ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual for 6.5 s, which is very easy to do, he will further reduce the damage taken by 1371 for each hit after counting reflections, which looks like this: 80,000 / [(8000 * (1-0.31) -1371) * (1-0.12) * (1-0.41)) / 6.5 s] = 241 s (up to 4 minutes) And now.

topif add to the insurance: Omnimed 920 HP buffs, Team Doctora 3025 buffs totaling 3955 HP. And finally, healing. passive healing first: With 200HD, the silovik can heal, for 253 s 200 * 253 s / topix s = 25333 liters.

C. With CR ATHENN 65HD), the silovik can heal, from 253 s 265 * 253 s / 2 s = 33522 l. With the aiming imongo (thus renewed when part of the healing is stopped), the healing speed is 510 / 2s, more than 253s 510 * 253s / 2s = 64515 HP. Thus, in this scenario, using only an imongo played every 20 seconds and with improved fortification protection for each strike, the silovik can constantly be healed at 83955 HP, the beast will need 253 ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual to kill the enemy, but with the healing available to imongo and CR and naturally affordable HD, the mercenary could heal 33522 + 64515 = 98037 HP for the same period.

This is a case study of why mitigation is so important, and in this Manuaal, healing without healing by a doctor was done only using CR, which increases the healing delta by 65 points. The doctor can also use HoT, ideally a reinforced immortal blessing that heals: 292 - 347 30 hits, a delay of 5 s, which averages (292 + 347) / 2/5 s = 64 hp / s (in the same spirit as in previous calculations, maintaining this hot on animals against the beast would give an additional 64 / ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual.

* 253 s = 16167 HP during the whole battle, increasing the recovery speed at ENF. What does all this mean? This means that if your team knows how to reduce damage, read article may not need to play BI the whole battle. Could this happen? Heck, but this is a useful exercise to see how mitigation is actually possible. I fought the beast last week twice. Once, when I played goalkeeper, and once, when I played doctor.

Both teams were comparable in potential mitigation, but as a team, when I played the goalkeeper: * Enf used nano-absorbers * We had an observation team * The tank had reasonable evasion skills - in general, I think the doctor applied about 10 BI on tank. whole battle. When I played the dock in the yes Restaurant - Pizza Delivery Near Plymouth, MN, Green Mill Restaurant - Bar can round, we had a soldier instead of a soldier, not a goalkeeper, and the box was not so good at maintaining the beast's debuff.

In this situation: * Enf did not use nano-absorbs * Enf had low evasion skills * Fiberboard was used, but due to the fact that ENF did not have enough evasion skills, all hits still landed * The box was slow tlpic debuffs and, * there was no watchman for the guardhouse * And the beast did some harmful NCU cleanings in the early stages - in general, when I probably played BI 200-250 times during the fight, there was no lie, I was layering BI circuits after about 12 minutes after BOTH add waves, and only after the animal drops to 35% health, ur it has stabilized long enough so that I can start to gain points.

So this is the difference between good mitigation and poor mitigation and its effect Veiw the functioning of the document.

We would wipe the second beast if I made one mistake. I had 3/4 BG of healing when recharging by the time the beast was around 30% and enf couldn't keep me from agitating since I healed so much (when the doctor doesn't need to heal with a chain, far less aggro from add-ons).

In general, the only reason we defeated the Msnual beast was because I tried my best and I was lucky. the security officer really worked poorly, and despite a good DPS and good healing, it was a very difficult round. In the first round of surrounding treatment (healing without healing) it was almost enough for the team to go through the round without having to do anything more than maintaining the team.

In the second round, the mitigation of damage was so weak that healing from the environment (healing without healing) provided only 1/10 of what was actually necessary to maintain life in EPS; therefore, the doctor should use targeted funds to maintain the health of the security officer.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man. I have to get to know him better. ” -Abraham Lincoln. Last edited by noobas ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual, October 01, 2014 12:49 a.m.), edited 3 times in total. upper. Re: Doctor Noobas Guide. Leetissimo! Posts: 4965 Join Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 9:41 ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual Location: Brisbane, Quind, Australia. About DPS! I love you so much! When you rolled your doctor, you thought to yourself, I love accidents.

I love blood. I am probably a vampire. No, wait, wait, what was in the shade! No, I mean, I like accidents, I like to treat people! People always love doctors! Right? right? Well . people "love" doctors until they think they should have been healed when they were really criticized. Be that as it may, most people think that the "doctor" is synonymous with "healing." And this Maanual normal.

Doctors are good healers. But what they don't know, ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual maybe what they didn't think about, is that Dot has no damage range. WTF it even means!? Well, I agree, this is a strange thing to think about.

But in fact, this is really a strange feature of doctors, which few people have ever thought about. But let's move on Maunal the persecution. Since you read the manual here, you have a good idea of ??what you are doing: 1. you evaluate the ability of the tank 2. you pre-polish it in place (max. HP for runaways, Hots for absorbers / reflective / high HP), both if NCU is available, CR only for atroxis above 150ish, etc. only group buffs for teammates 3. you devote here to UBT everything that moves, and you know that you should spend time trying on UBT bosses (and big red spiders in hard) source. you ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual PRE-HEALING instead of reactive healing (t .e.

let the mitigation of damage for security officials / hits be turned on before they infuriate from the BI button 5. 5. you send spam bullets to get access to your processes when UBTing is not possible 6. now you want to try adding DPS to the front and you understand the basics (doctors use points PALADISN benefits to increase damage) So let's talk about number 6 in more detail.

First, DPSing is LESS than prebuffing. Secondly, it is LESS than UBTing. Thirdly, it is LESS more important than treating a soft teammate, and the tank has 50% + HP left (and if it is a soldier’s tank, its AMS is not going to fly out). So, if you even thought about these three things, it's time to think about doing harm. Doctors can do much more damage than most people think. There. I said that. Nobody believes me, but I did 169 thousand DPM in mission inf.

Do you know how much it costs? it's a lot. Here's what the DPS looks like: MA against RK mobs or aliens, with a 95% click here of a critical hit and maintaining perk spam and maintaining procs and controlled damage buffs makes about 300k DPM - mobs die very quickly, large pieces of HP just fly out of the window, BIG rattling crits 9800-10300 just absorbs huge pieces of HP, crits never end, often watching the battle window, you are wondering if your crit level is 100%.

Hue with suicide tuning to RK, high crit, crazy add damage - about 350 thousand DPM. Blue damage never ends, with big bold numbers, dotted procs, lesson damage, spam with Doxtors, big bold 5k + crit with weapons, big procs that take off procs, add dmg mother of pearl buffs, reapplied scrupulously, all chain perks are done fine, HP mobs just falling like a rock, you can't be saved.

An engineer with properly reinforced pets against aliens, a full set of damage - the dog deals 7k-9kk crit, the large 4k-6k normal, the chicken bobbits and causes great chaos with 4.5k regulars visit web page 6k critical, spam engineer, perks and use of the medallion to ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual AAD monsters negatively, making a critical coefficient of 100%, damage is adamant, and ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual maximum level is 325-350 DPM.

Ok, you get the point. but now we take all these hyper delivery dudes and put them in SL. To tell. Inf tough mish - and just like against high AC mobs, 120k DPM disappeared: all hits deal minimal damage, all procs do minimum damage, all perks do minimum damage. I. What did we ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual about points that did not have a damage range?? Hello and welcome to your playground. Inferno and Pande are where the doctors get the MOST RELATIVE DPM in the entire game.

A doctor may be able to make 180 thousand DPM in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but the doctor loses only about 20 thousand DPM during the transition between the Republic of Kazakhstan and SL, when dealers with great damage lose 120 thousand; so the doctor just climbed the stairs comparatively. Just click for source won’t tkpic much about DPSing on RK - this is basically the same as SL, but there are very few reasons for stress because of this, because mobs will die so fast that you don’t even load your points.

In Inferno and Pande, to some extent, shaders, engines, chests and MAs are usually hard to break 225k DPM - hell, most will never break 200k, you need to REALLY push it to break 225k DPM.

Now, if at the top of the line ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual DPS only make 200 thousand DPM. and with little effort, the document can do 150K, which basically puts the documents in the center of the damage dealers package. The trick, of course, is to figure out how the hell to do it. First of all, let's look at the settings.

The setup I use on my doctor is this: This is a support setup, with a bunch of HP, good incentives for nanoscopes, and no AR. This is not a Manial assembly. Frankly, there is no reason to try to create a doctor for DPS, as this is such a low overall priority. But, depending on how you play and what you want to do, there may Vidw some applicability in exchanging several items and raising some key statistics to make the dish a little better - obviously, some additional buffs (DB2, 12M) RC, OS, DMG soldier and DMG keeper, TTS / Mop / Assassins trick all help.

Being able to lay out their benefits and points, now this is where balance begins to play an important role. I usually run with this perk setting: Weapon perks checking DR / Duck (fast shot, double shot, dead eye, collapse and take-off) have topid better chance of landing than any of the NR perks (nano-feast, conclusion of bots, ill-treatment, viral combination ( NR 90%), explosion, thermal detonation, supernova and even blinding by lights (NR 70%) Now, obviously, if most of your benefits don't land, you have a problem.

In an easy game, you won't have too many problems with most of these non-landing benefits. At the same time, in a tough game you will certainly encounter serious problems. Some things help: The walking dead (box) - weakens the NR of mobs by 410NR Improved heroic measures (box) - increases AR by 100 (also the presence commander increases AR by 260) Raid buffs - increases AR by 75-100 Trader - increases AR by 153.

But, it still hit or missed a bit - sometimes DMW did not land on the mob you are fighting with, sometimes more info buffs erased, etc. So, we have to plan these problems. There are even more drawbacks - the stellar line perks - although they do decent damage, they charge everyone very VERY long, and very, very often the mob you are fighting with will be dead by the time the last perks fire, especially a decent team.

So here are a few options: Option 1. Select more physical verification privileges (this requires IP costs in RE) - for example, this setting is The reason this setting Takeaway Food, On Order Delivery Onsite - Oak Park Eats really reliable is because this inclusion actually gives a sufficient bit of basic dmg addition (28 basic), but also gives a 30 sec buff for Mqnual 130 dmg.

This is actually quite fantastic if you can afford IPing RE, as it allows every 2 minutes to significantly increase all damage over the next 30s, plus you will have a better PAALDINS of getting physical verification ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual than checking NR perks (generally speaking) - but this will require IPing RE. Option 2: choose monsters for the perk!

Now, if you have a lot of info with these damned spider mobs, are likely to pout, these mobs just need to focus on keeping people alive. since they hit 2500-4500 damage, and if you ever have the pleasure of fighting immediately 2 and even one more add, holy hell, that there is no time for trying UBT / dot / perk, this is all healing.

BUT, not all missions are spider dens. So, here's how you plan to deal damage: Using the original perk setting I provided, here is how I do it. Omni mobs - UBT / special spam / try all points / fast shot / double shot / collapse / detonate - usually, if you run all these benefits, you may not have time tipic get out of your dead eye, and because of damage hopic dead eye You do not want to spend it on a dead crowd.

I will play ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual and keep it for the next mob. fire / ice mobs / coral rafters - (UBT) / special spam / point up / start launching starfall perks FIRST, before any weapon perks. If it’s a fire / ice mob with a lower QL, it may not last long, so do not start charging the supernova if it does not have more than 25% health, otherwise this is another lost perk - it’s very reasonable to save it, as everyone else perks recharge twice tpoic fast ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual a supernova.

Hoalths / vortexoids / mortiiigs / types of dryads - UBT Vuew at first, Starfall perks Doctoors you still have them. First do damn cool to get points, and then cancel the casting to see if someone takes heavy damage. Now, for the Mqnual of mistreatment and a viral combination; abuse is not a Mahual dmg perk, and it's Dodtors, so just spam it on any non-Omni / non-spider mob and virus combination, that's where a lot of damage comes from.

In just 20 seconds to reload, if you play full agg, you can get all the points, and then PERK quickly to use the perk 2 times before the expiration of the first point. To plan this, try to use spaces in your benefits so that you can fit into the viral combination.

With 3 point punctures, it does about 3,700 damage, with 2 point punctures it does only about 2,500. With a 20 second cooldown, you can increase your DPM by 10,000 SIMPLE with this perk if you use it correctly.

In any situation, if the perk is activated and the mob is almost dead, start it anyway, even if only 2 points go, as it will always be active by the time you get to the next mob and load all three points.

Now, this is what you need to do when you are fighting single mobs, but with good planning and few balls you can seriously increase your damage, triple point second mob while you are still killing the first.

This is where the tabs appear, the tabs around for low NR mobs - ice / cold / whirlwind / mortig / bots / dryads, etc., Any, except spiders / omni mobs, and start loading them with dots. To be honest, if you are in a decent team with a lot of mobs, you can kill without UBT. It makes people move tppic and keeps them in good ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual. If you carry a group of continue reading with you, you, of course, are UBT, but you still should not be in info with gypsies.

Saving full-time points is a way to seriously boost your DPS. First on stage, first leave. Get your UBT on the mob as quickly as possible, upload your points, and if you have bonuses, start them while sending spam.

The next trick is to determine the speed of the kill compared to when your perks will appear - basically, at Manula time you have no bonuses, estimate how long your points will operate, and try to estimate how long the mob will remain in alive.

If your points remain until the mob dies, well, TIME TO GO! Go and find the next mob! pick up ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual UBT and the dots go as soon as possible. now you double the delivery Top review packages food video 10 2019 done by your points to two monsters.

If you think the crowd will outlive your, reapply them before hunting the next victim. The best DPS in the game are EXTREMELY aggressive. You must be, if you want to be on top, the doctors are no different, but since we can install DoTs that will sit there and do damage for 30 seconds after we go out, we are in an excellent position to disconnect before the rest of the team.

If you want to play like a soft NM and not treat in the back - do it because it will be better if you do not slow down your team when you die. but as soon as you get a reasonable setup with some decent tank, if you hang out in the back of the group just by curing, Viwe as toipc as Doctorw in my book. Get out and challenge the assumptions! That's all. TL DR is as follows: 1. Choose low NR mobs for perks with NR perks, load starfall perks early.

2. alternately choose a PU, which requires IP in RE to get perks, but you can do more DPS in general due to a higher selection of perk mobs 3. load points on all mobs - I usually start from the Bone eater point, so how to play it fastest, as soon as it lands, go to the slower scythe-omega viruses and the mutagenic epidemic; as soon as all the dots are ticking, launch your viral combination perk for maximum damage.

4. KILL all mobs if you play on the defensive; 5. beware of spiders. 6. Do not worry too much about setting up your settings for DPSing - you will end up shaking a lot, so the support setting is much ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual utilitarian (note that since add dmg does not apply to points, this makes much less ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual if you exit ball offense - this is the lack of survivability, but will be noticed).

7. Always leave your priorities straight (prebufs, softening, if necessary, DPS last. But you are a DPS machine in SL, and you can do much more with other professionals. Use DoT to your advantage!) Thanks for reading! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man.

I have to get to know him FRUMS. ” -Abraham Lincoln. Last edited by noobas (Wednesday, October 01, 2014 4:21), edited 3 times in total. upper. Re: Doctor Chrisax Guide. President Messages: 19648 Registration: Wed Apr 19, 2006, 13:08. Looks like another amazing creation guide, Noobas solves.

But I still could not read, so maybe what I'm going to say is there or planned: Remember to mention the “Enemy of Help” setting to automatically select the “correct” treatment goal: Take a look here and it will post to the great guide made by Doctorhyde many years ago viewtopic.php?

F = 17 & t = 680. Hyde's post, in a long thread for help: viewtopic.php? P = 4858 # p4858.

I fought the beast last week twice.

upper. Re: Doctor Noobas Guide. Leetissimo! Posts: 4965 Join Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 9:41 AM Location: Brisbane, Quind, Australia.

ok, thanks Chris, help more info important, but with the raid interface it is much less important than it in the past.

In addition, the purpose of this guide is to show that doctors are not dependent on one Doctora, heal in the same way as people think. In fact, this is the biggest myth topix I am trying to refute Doctlrs. / Help in the treatment, although useful, but not needed in a good team that is ready to take damage, acts in coordination - more importantly, it prepares the team for damage and begins to mitigate the damage before the damage is done.

Doctors have an extremely powerful set of tools - most players use only a small part of the tool set, ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual I believe that the overall gameplay can be significantly improved if people understand that an ATHEN PALADINS FORUMS - View topic - Doctors Manual gameplay opens up much more opportunities than a reactive one. This guide discusses the philosophy of proactive play and proactive damage reduction, Dctors opposed to reactive play and combat healing.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ "I do not like this man. I Dkctors to get to know him better. ” -Abraham Lincoln. upper. Page 1 of click here [Posts: 7] Forum Time Display - UTC.

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